Which are the secrets of a successful anal intercourse?
It’s very simple. You just need to be fit. Therefore, for short meetings, the easiest is to start with that, so that you practise while you are on top, which will make things really pleasant for you… as well as for me. Longer meetings offer obviously more alternatives, as they allow times to recover (during which I will obviously give you all the needed help).

Do you always use condoms?
With the exception of oral sex, I always use condoms. Always means that I will never depart from that rule, whatever the offer you can make me.

Do you have friends I can meet?
Yes, with pleasure. You will just need to inform me at least a few hours in advance.

I have no place to accommodate our meeting, do you do incalls?
If you don’t have a place at all for me to come to see you, two options are opened. If you’d like to spend several hours, an evening, or a night with me the best idea would be to take a room in a nice hotel, which would allow these moments to give you more pleasure. If you only want to spend a short hot time you can visit me at Venusia, in Geneva, where I will offer you all you could want for your pleasure.

Can I pay by check?
Sorry, but because of the complication and the fees needed to handle that outdated way of payment I cannot accept any payment by check.

I am living far away, and I would like you to travel to my place, how do I proceed?
The meeting will have to last a minimum duration, to justify the travel. Furthermore you will have to incur the travel fees out of Geneva. Depending on the distance it will be train first class or plane business class.

Do you really offer BBBJ / CIM ?
Yes, I always do what I promise. And if you’d like it I can also swallow.

Do you accept water games?
Yes, with some limitations. I can give, but I do not take higher than my breast.

Can I cum several times during the meeting?
Yes. When you hire me for a certain amount of time, I will stay with you during the agreed duration, whatever we do during that time. An hour is an hour.

Is it possible to just have a drink together?
It’s possible, indeed. The fees are exactly the same as any meeting with me.

Why do I have to make a down payment for long meetings?
Several times I have been asked for meetings lasting a few days or overnight meetings far away. I have exchanged several E-mails and/or phone calls with these people. I have also locked that time in my schedule, thus having to turn down other appointments for serious people, only to learn (sometimes even the day before) that it was a hoax. That is why you will have to make a down payment of a half of the price of the meeting if you want to meet me 48 hours or more, as well as for overnight meetings when I have to travel.